Unveiling the NSW Property Market: A Weekly Update on Home Sales

As we delve into the first week of July 2023, our comprehensive study offers a clear-eyed view of New South Wales’ real estate market trends. From auction clearance rates to non-auction sales, this analysis encapsulates key market insights, serving as an essential resource for home buyers, sellers, and enthusiasts alike.

In a bustling week of property transactions, NSW demonstrated a vibrant mix of auction and non-auction sales, highlighting the resilience and diversity of the real estate landscape.



NSW Auction Clearance Rate:

According to our gathered data, NSW held strong with a healthy auction clearance rate. This figure, representative of the number of homes successfully sold at auction, is a key indicator of the market’s competitiveness and the ongoing demand for properties.


Number of Properties Sold at Auction:

Despite the competitive environment, a considerable number of properties exchanged hands at auctions during the past week. Each transaction underscores the potential for success in the property auction scene, demonstrating both sellers’ and buyers’ confidence.


Number of Non-Auction Sales:

Nonetheless, not all property transactions took place under the hammer. A significant number of homes were sold through private treaties, depicting a diverse marketplace catering to different preferences.


Top 5 Active Suburbs:

The past week’s property buzz wasn’t uniformly distributed, with certain suburbs showcasing more activity than others. Notable mentions include St Marys, Tamworth, Wollongong, Strathfield, and Sydney, each presenting a flurry of properties for sale. Although these figures don’t translate directly to sales, they certainly indicate high levels of market dynamism in these locales.


Suburbs with Noteworthy Auction Activity:

In the auction arena, certain suburbs stood out either due to their high or low volumes. On the higher end, St Marys and Tamworth took the spotlight, signalling a favourable atmosphere for buyers and sellers alike. In contrast, numerous suburbs held fewer auctions, exemplifying the diversity of the NSW real estate market.


In conclusion, the past week’s activity in NSW’s property market showcased remarkable resilience, with diverse sales methods and dynamic suburb activity. As we move further into July, these insights can guide our understanding of ongoing trends and future market movements.



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