Unveiling the Latest Property Sales Dynamics in NSW: A Week in Review

Intro Summary and Dates of the Latest Week Results:


Welcome to another edition of our weekly property sales update! This article delves into the sales activity in New South Wales for the week spanning from 18th to 24th September 2023.


NSW Auction Clearance Rate:

The auction clearance rate for the past week stood at an impressive 59%, indicating a relatively vibrant property market in NSW.


Number of Properties in the Data:

Based on 925 auction results available, we have a comprehensive view of the market trends for the past week.


Top 5 Suburbs Based on Number of Results Available:

The suburbs that buzzed with the most activity were:

  1. Mosman – 17 results available
  2. Castle Hill – 14 results available
  3. Epping – 11 results available
  4. Orange – 11 results available
  5. Mudgee – 10 results available

Note: These figures represent activity and not necessarily sales.


Suburbs with the Highest or Lowest Number of Auctions:

The suburb that led the way with the highest number of auctions was Mosman with 17 auctions. On the other hand, there were 192 suburbs that had only 1 auction, reflecting a quieter pace in those areas.



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