Unveiling the Latest Property Auction Trends in NSW: A Week in Review 16th – 22nd October 2023

Welcome to our weekly roundup of property auction results in New South Wales. This article brings you an in-depth analysis of the sales activities from 16th to 22nd October 2023. From auction clearance rates to the most active suburbs, we’ve got you covered.


Dates of the Latest Week Results


The analysis spans the week from Monday, 16th October 2023, to Sunday, 22nd October 2023.


59% Clearance rate


NSW Auction Clearance Rate


The auction clearance rate for New South Wales stood at a remarkable 59% for the week.


Auction Results Overview


Interestingly, while 1,185 auctions were initially scheduled, results were only available for 1,070 properties. This leaves us with data missing or not lodged for 115 property auctions—an intriguing detail to note for those closely monitoring the market.


  • Sold at auction: 344 properties
  • Sold prior to auction: 254 properties
  • Sold after auction: 31 properties
  • Not Sold: 263 properties
  • Withdrawn: 178 properties


Number of Non-Auction Sales


In a twist, non-auction or private sales soared to an impressive 1,664 properties, outpacing the number of auction sales.


Top 5 Suburbs Based on Activity


  • Wentworth Point, 2127 – 14 results available
  • Mudgee, 2850 – 13 results available
  • Orange, 2800 – 13 results available
  • Campsie, 2194 – 11 results available
  • Mosman, 2088 – 11 results available


Suburbs with the Highest or Lowest Number of Auctions


Wentworth Point takes the spotlight, leading with 14 results available for auctions, an indicator of the suburb’s booming activity.




The information and data provided in this publication are gathered by Baulkham Hills Conveyancing from various sources. We exercise due care but make no guarantees regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information.


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